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What is Sobny? Sobny in the local term Kaboodan Khorasan Razavi means Samanoo and has been cooked from the old time in the same style as it is today. Contrary to what many people from the Samanoo think that this product is not special for Nowruz, and in other times, especially the autumn chapters And the winter is produced in this village Samanoo baking model is different in Kaboodan village in Khorasan Razavi province In this village, the samonoo is cooked with flour of wheat germ, wheat flour and grape juice, which is not whitened only in a copper container and is cooked with a mild heat of firewood for at least one full day.

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Guest reception capacity

Max. 30 people


Urban water,Electricity, Gas, Telephone,Toilets,Bathroom
Equipped with a radiant heating system,
Ceiling fan and desk fan cooling system

Weather region

Mountainous weather
And the weather is fairly pleasant

Visit the attractions of the village

Types of local cuisine
Tour the village and see the attractions of rural tourism
Desert Trekking Tour
Wildlife tours and the unique deserts in the country
Birdwatching tour in Doruneh protected area by obtaining permission
Visiting historical places
Lives of nomads

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